Reference E-682
Fabricated by Fly Car Model
Released 2004
Scale 1:32

BMW 3,5 CSL Edición Especial Miniauto Monterey Historic slot car released by Fly Car Model (reference E-682) in 2004, 1:32 scale.

Drivers: Rug Cunningham, Miniauto 2004. Number 45


Brand Mabuchi
Type Closed
Position Front
RPM (12V) 18.000
Weight (gr.) 15,0


Traction Rear
Type 90º
Pinion material Brass
Pinion Z 9
Gear wheel material ABS
Gear wheel Z 27

Rear axle

Length (mm) 48,4
Diameter (mm) 2,4
Wheel diameter 13,4
Wheel width 13,0
Tire diameter (mm) 20,1
Tire width (mm) 13,0

Front axle

Length (mm) Semi axles
Diameter (mm) 2,4
Wheel diameter (mm) 13,3
Wheel width (mm) 9,6
Tire diameter (mm) 20,0
Tire width (mm) 9,6


Type Mobile


Material Neodymium
Type Rectangular


Material ABS


Material ABS


Material ABS


Guide-rear axle (mm) 93,1
Wheelbase (mm) 78,0
Total width (mm) 63,9
Total height (mm) 40,8
Total length (mm) 138,7
Weight (gr.) 84,6
Brand Reference Part
Fly Car Model 79195 Chasis
Fly Car Model 79047 Complete driver figure (2)
Fly Car Model 79198 Set of tyres
Fly Car Model 79073 Rectangular neodimium magnet (2)
Fly Car Model 79196 Complete front axle
Fly Car Model 79197 Complete rear axle
Fly Car Model 79008 Complete guide front egine
Fly Car Model 79167 Completed motor
Fly Car Model 79199 Rearview mirrors
Fly Car Model 79200 Short front and rear wings
Fly Car Model 79421 Set of front lights
Fly Car Model 79422 Set of rear lights
Fly Car Model 79201 Long front and rear wings
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