How is the Wiki Slot database organized

We tried to organized the database in a way that it would make compatible with all slot car manufacturers.

So each car has the following properties:

  • Name (mandatory): as shown in the manufacturer catalogue or in the car box.
  • Reference (optional): reference or product code used by the manufacturer. Not always present.
  • Brand (mandatory): brand used by the manufacturer to released the car. It might be different from the manufacturer, i.e., Fly Car Model used GB Track to released a different range of cars. NINCO has done the same with XLOT or NINCO 1. Also the Scalextric brand has been used by different manufacturers in England and Spain.
  • Manufacturer (mandatory): company who has manufactured the car. Only shown if its different than the brand.
  • Year of released (optional): year of the first catalogue¬†appearance of the car. We don’t have this info in many many cars, if you have more info about this please help us completing our catalogue.
  • Scale (mandatory): 1:32, 1:24, 1:43, even 1:87 and even 1:18
  • Limited edition (optional): for those cars released in limited edition, we will try to specify how many units were released.
  • Versions (optional): sometimes different cars were released with the same reference. This happened specially with Scalextric in the old days, the same reference was used to released the same car with different colours.